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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My Online Pastime

As proud as I am with my poker skills I just have to admit I am clueless with mahjong! The IT Guy don't know anything about poker but he is good with mahjong and lately I've been prodding him to teach me...thus my Wordful Wednesday post for today.

With my work schedule most of my pastimes are online. I love playing online games...I play online poker and just about anything I'm willing to try. These are done in moderate manner though. ;)

Years ago I used to play at the Casino here...just for fun. But now well...I just go to online casinos and play. And I say it is less costly! For one I can play while I'm in my pajamas...I don't have to spend fuel and other incidental expenses when I go to the Casino. (I'm so defensive! LOL) Anyway there are good online casino reviews which one can read through to see best online casinos before trying it. At least that is what I try to do.

I never considered these gambling on my part since I am in control with my's just all in the spirit of fun and competition. What about you? Do you play cards? Poker? When I went to LA I met several people...well mostly Asians though, who plays mahjong. Anybody here knows how?

Happy (not so) WORDful (less) Wednesday!

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Stan said...

That game looks way too complicated for my brain to handle. Good luck learning how to play.

broca's area said...

no clue abt it!!

Anonymous said...

we used to play that when we were teenagers (w/ my siblings). it's our fave summer past time. these days its just a faint memory. i miss playing, i miss carefree summers, miss my sisters
happy ww ;)
care to xlinks?

Carleen said...

I love the computer version of Mah-Jong, but that's a single player game.

Thanks for sharing. Happy WW to ya!

Momisodes said...

There are several people in my family who play it ALL the time.

I heard it's actually really fun and challenging. I've always wanted to learn how to play well.

amanda said...

This is a good pastime I love Mahjong although I have to admit the real game is much harder for me than the virtual one. This is a great Macro shot by the way!

Anonymous said...

I love mahjong. It's a great game to play and so fun :)

DNLee said...

Happy WW! Thanks for stoppinig by!

I love your picture, great depth and beautiful composition. I LOVE mah jong - on the computer. I've been wanting to learn how to play the real live version for a while now.

Let me know if you ever learn how.

Also FYI: I'm competing for a chance to win a trip to Antarctica by writing a blog - vote for me at


DNLee said...
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Robin said...

I used to play computer mahjongg years ago. Funny, I'd forgotten all about it until now.

Anonymous said...

I love mahjong too!
Have you tried ?

Michelle at said...

My husband likes online poker, but he also plays in (legal) home games. He always points out that in tournament poker he gets more hours of fun for less money than if he went out to a bar with his buddies.

Thanks for visiting my Wordless Wednesday and have a great weekend!