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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Karaoke Tales

I'm up early and so I'm here. ;) I had like 6 hours sleep but felt so when I checked my emails, I read one from a friend whom I have been wanting to hear from. It just made my morning...more beautiful!

My Tuesday's Tales for this week is with friends from my previous Company. Last week I was watching Duets with the IT Guy and so that left me with some Karaoke thoughts 'til now...

I never realized 'til I saw that movie that Karaoke is popular in the US. Here...ha, very much! Even before that Karaoke concept was even born. Filipinos just love to sing...and you'll hear us sing anywhere...anytime.

We have this place called Gimik and you can rent a room there with friends and just do Karaoke. Of course they serve food and drinks...

Almost 2 years ago I went with some friends from the Operations for some Karaoke and "drinking" session. LOL It was after work and since our work is on a night shift our escapade was in the day time. After work we head lunch then off we went o Gimik.

We were a bit too excited...that we got into this little accident. Lucky me...I was not the one driving! We hit a motor one was injured and I guess the damage was just some scratch and bumps in the car. I don't really know how to explain it. Sorry, I haven ot mastered the art of describing an accident yet.

So there! I'm the one with the yellow shirt and a red bag! I couldn't figure what my fashion sense was about that time....and one of the rare occassions that I wear jeans!

Anyway....whatever happened did not stop us from having fun...

Yes I drink beer...and wine and tequila...and others! LOL

Though IT Guy said I can't be an endorser of beer...because the way I hold my glass looks like I'm not drinking something bitter. (One of my quirks is my love for bitter taste!)

We have a nice beer here called San Miguel beer and most Americans and other foreigners here love it...but here we were drinking Red Horse because the girls wanted to get tipsy soon!

So the Karaoke queen..NOT! LOL

If I remember right I was singing ABBA's Chiquitita.

Another post...after several rounds of beer. We still looked okay there, right?
Okay this is one post or one story most people just don't expect from me. I don't know why...but for some reason people just can't believe I have a life and can have fun. Ha ha ha!

So you do also go out drinking with friends? And I'd love to know if anyone of you loves Karaoke...

If you have tales to share...please sign up below so others can visit you and read your tales!


Anonymous said...

Karaoke is so fun and I so can't sing. I clear the room so I just listen to everyone else. I'm tone deaf, loud and so off key. Great story. It's so fun to go out with friends like that. Looks like you all had a great time. Happy Tuesday Tales :) Mines posted

Anonymous said...

BTW...there's something for you on my blog :) Aloha

broca's area said...

nice snaps\:D

Anonymous said...

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