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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another Online Discovery

My friend is crazy with NFL. Okay...maybe he is worst than that! LOL

Last week he did something really sweet for me wanting me to return the favor...very badly. While rocking my head on the way home on what to give him, IT Guy suggested that I just get him an nfl sunday ticket. I was like what?!

Forgive me but I know nothing about it.

IT Guy told me that he did not mean the "ticket" literally. He means the friend might love watching NFL games every Sunday...with no hassle. So I did take a look on the nfl sunday ticket price and nfl sunday ticket schedule. Sounds amazing.

It will apparently let the friend can catch up to 200 NFL games per season which is up to 14 NFL games each and every Sunday! I can just imagine how his next Sundays would be.

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