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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our Car Insurance Guy

Do you carry a good relationship with your car insurance broker?! Well the reason I am asking is because I do. Ha!

If you recall I did a quick post here before on renewing car registrations and well for this month we have another car which registration is due for renewal. If there is anything not so nice about that other than the expense is the fact that we have to allocate time for it. Getting car insurance to having the car inspected can be too much at times. Now that is the part when having a good insurance guy comes handy. ;)

About 5 years ago my friend referred me to his insurance broker. I used to find the guy a bit weird and too organize. He seems to know when all our cars due for renewals and thus pays us a visit weeks before the due date. At times it's nice but other times it gets irritating especially when the renewal is not topping your list of to dos. So one day I got a bit rude and that's it, I lost contact with him. Now we need him...

The IT Guy as diligent as he is opted to just do the papers himself as I refuse to help! On the way to the LTO (Land Transportation Office) he met the guy. Then the guy came to him and said, I can't contact Mariposa so I thought of just visiting your office....because you have one car due for renewal! ROFL

He is still the same guy, ha!

Anyway...we are grateful as he is taking care of everything right now. Don't you just love people like him?!

1 comment:

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Even though it can be frustrating at times, it certainly is a blessing to have such wonderful service. And rare. Enjoy him while he's around! :D