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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Online Reads

I can't believe I survive another night at work without coffee. And despite that I'm still up. Ha!

My night went fine...and it was nice being able to talk to friends whom I haven't spoken to for awhile. Yes, they called me while I was taking my break. Other than that I am happy to note that finally I have found some nice action plan for my team and I hope to roll them out soon. Anyway I just had my breakfast and I am trying to find some meaningful things to do as it is not good to go to bed when you are full.

So I'm here trying making some quick online research...specifically on ebooks. I'm looking for some nice materials on quality, customer service and six sigma. For most of you who are into ebooks, you already know that they come in different formats and I personally think pdf is the most convenient format to have. So I am trying narrow my search into format specifics other than the subjects. I am doing a pdf search and I found a good ebook search engine. You may want to try it as they cover a wide variety of ebooks.

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