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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm Going Prepaid

Remember one of my Fun Monday post on personal economic measures that I am implementing on my end with the current crisis?

Hmm...when we talk to cost cutting the very first thing that people around me would point at will be my spending on communications. I spend around $100 a month for my mobile alone. That is about an average household income for most people here. So this year I decided to make some drastic changes to it. I downgraded my plan to just $10 a month! And I was so determined to stay within that budget. For the past three months my bill has been around $30-40. Though way lower than $100, still off my target.

So I had to go and check just what made my bills bloat. calls! Well...I call friends all over the world for chit-chat. LOL What do I do? I need to get connected with friends you know.

The IT Guy, ever understanding and supportive as ever told me that if I really need to make international calls I might as well check those cheap
phone cards. He said those are priced way cheaper and no bills! No phone call...but no liability.

Smart! And well he did not ask me to stop it. He just asked me to be strategic about it.

I found a nice sells phone cards which will let me call different countries. Well I don't have that much friends but it allows me to call major international cool! And this is the nicest thing -- It offer cards that can be used from over 150 locations/countries around the world to call any other foreign country.

I just love it!

Anyone who spends so much on international calls might want to try it...I will get back to you on my progress with my lowering my phone bills once I start using a prepaid phone card! This is just fun. Mariposa going least for international calls.


Jen said...

Go skype - free!

You can't do better than that, right?

Mariposa said...

Oh yes I LOVE Sykpe!

Just that not all friends are online always... :)

It's only for calling them when they are not able to get to Skype.

Anonymous said...

There's also a usb based phone jack that works just like a regular phone jack but you plug it into your computer. One of the guys I work with has it to call home to Egypt. Apparently, there's no cost other than the cost to buy it and all you need is an internet connection.