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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Will Rise...

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord,
And He delights in his way.
Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down;
For the Lord upholds him with His hand.
(Psalm 37.23-24)

My last day at work was last Monday and I'm taking this whole week as a time to rest...recharge and retreat.

Though I've tendered my resignation as early as May 4 and exerted efforts to have a smooth exit...looks like I'm still not done with my test on patience.

I do not want to turn this post into a rant but please allow me to share to you very briefly what happened as I assessment from others maybe helpful.

Last week I've made up my mind to stand on my intent to leave the Company I've been with for 3 years. After all I've tendered my resignation already and though they've asked me to extend my stay while they make their counter offer it only puts the effective date to a halt but I did not revoke it. So last week I informed the boss to make just finished the week and that's it. Though I offered my assistance 'til they find my replacement should she need anything urgent. She was nice and told me she's in desperation to keep me. It's her word. I felt awful that when she asked to stay another week and wait 'til she gets back to her office because she was at the airport then I just agreed. (I report to the Company's Director and she's based at the HQ which is located in another country.) Saturday morning the HR Manager called me to her office and told me to do immediate resignation and told me that my boss gave her instructions to do. So I took that as --I don't have to wait for her anymore...I can do my turnover and get cleared with it and move on. I informed the HR that my shift is over already and that I just overstayed for her. I told her I will let the It Department generate the list of files I have been working since that's all they need/want.

Monday morning I sent the HR Manager a message asking her what time she'll be at work and if I can process my clearance right then and there since that is customary in the workplace. She said, we can just do my exit interview but for the clearance they have to wait for the Director to get back for the turnover.

Now...that's the part I got confuse. Why hurry me on the turnover when I still have to wait anyway when I already agreed to wait! I wanted an explanation. A part of me was telling me something is wrong...they might be doing their old crap against me yet I resisted that. She called me up so flared when all I wanted was an explanation and then hanged up on me. She ended the call the way she started it -- RUDE and ABRUPT. With a follow text after that she is off my case!

Despite all I still opted to go to the office Monday evening. I went straight to the IT Department to ask them to do an inventory of my files. The advise I got from the System Admin was --
"Miss, I don't think there is a need for that since your files were already backed up since Saturday as requested by the HR Manager.

And your access is now deactivated."
Fine. I understand they have to deactivate my access. But why asked me to generate a list of files when the Company took hold of it already? Maybe she was hoping I'd delete some and then create a fuss out of it? I will not do that! Why? What for?

I have everything documented and 'til now I'm still waiting for them to reply to me as the when can I process my clearance.

It's not the first time she'd done something like that. It's not the first time she violated me. It's not the first time she violated an employee. But I ignored her because I always believe that truth and justice always win. And they always do. But human as I am I get pissed too. Am I wrong to think that she is taking me personally? If there is somebody there who wants me out it's her, yet I know she is bitter because I might be in a better workplace once I leave. Am I wrong to think that way? Am I crazy to think that she is taking me personally?

Today's verse may not give me the answer but I take comfort from it. I will not retaliate yet I will not allow myself to violated any further. I plan to seek assistance in another venue and take legal action should they refuse to communicate with me about my clearance and last pay.

I hope I did not tire you with my long and whiny post...thanks so much for your time!

God bless you all!

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Denise said...

I love this WFW sweetie. I will be praying for you.

PW said...


Lauren said...

beautiful WFW - I will pray for you!

life's journey said...

Great post for this week. Thanks for sharing too. Mine is also ready.

Cathy said...

A wonderful Word from the Lord ~ Praying all works out for you, dear ~

Chris said...

thanks for sharing... God has his plans... He is great! He is good... dont worry! :D

ellen b. said...

Sounds like a tough situation Mariposa! I'm praying right now that God protects your heart and mind and that He gives you the strength to endure through this messy exit.

Falling Around said...

Great verse. I love the picture you chose to go along with it - as long as our steps are ordered by the Lord, we can have peace, freedom, and joy in all we do.

Hope all works out with your job situation. Just remember, this period of time is but a small thing in the tapestry of your life. :-)

JLaine said...

God bless ... hope everything will be well with you. As your wfw says, God will indeed order your steps..God has a great plan for you.

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Cascia Talbert said...

Beautiful photo. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing this. Have a great time off :)

Jen said...

Hope it all finally goes well. ENJOY this week!

HennHouse said...

I'm joining the others here in prayer for you. Hang in there... and what a joyously beautiful photo.

Susannah said...

A fantastic verse that speaks about the tender care and leading of the Lord. Thanks!