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Monday, June 01, 2009

Office Makeover - Furnishings

Back from my massage...and well, it was nice! ;)

A week ago before IT Guy left I mentioned it here that he asked me to help him do a makeover for his office. He's back and it's been a week passed and I have not attended to it yet, so many things just happened and i'm caught in between.

Tonight while I was enjoying my massage...half awake half asleep he asked me how's my plan for his office makeover going. Hmmm...well so far so good and so far just plans.

Today I'd like to share with you my list of prospects for his office furnishings.

So here are SOFAS which I have a crush on...and I plan to bring in his office.

The last one is quite elegant, but I find the first practical...and the one in the middle is a next choice. I still have to show these sofas to him and well, this is a convenient way for me, posting the photos here.

To have this conference table replace his round table would certainly make his office superb!

Just awesome!

1 comment:

IT Guy said...

Oh! I agree with you on the second sofa (the one in the middle). That would be nice in my huge office. The table would look elegant too... Love them! I'm so excited on when you can bring them to the office and change my furnitures... ;-)