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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Busy Sunday...

What a long day!

IT Guy and I just got home from our friend's funeral...she has been called to a home of eternal rest. Such a long day for us.

I'd be taking a quick shower and off I go for my massage...I badly need one and missing one weekend is just way too much for me.

Below's post about the danger of asbestos and I'd like to thank Jam for her comment...and to make it up, here are medical sites which offers
information about mesotholioma and other illnesses caused by asbestos. I hurriedly put up those links below with one only thought, on how to help patients get their legal rights as most of the time, their family would only be too focused on getting medical care for the patient, like what happened to us.

It's now almost 8pm here and weekend is almost over and I haven't felt rested yet. Not a bit, not at all! I hope the massage later will relax me a bit and will give a restful sleep.

So here is my
Unconscious Mutterings for the week...

  1. Nursery :: ...rhymes

  2. Side effect :: ...of asbestos!

  3. Heart to heart ::!

  4. Try :: ...and try again 'til you succeed!

  5. Hog :: ...race

  6. Symptom :: ...and causes

  7. Collide :: Illusions sometimes collide with reality...

  8. Fury :: Fist of Fury

  9. Incorporated :: ...into our common life.

  10. Summer :: ...of 69?!

Wish you all a happy Sunday!


Maude Lynn said...

Summer of '69 . . . I still love that song!

Brad said...

Nice mutterings!

Thanks for dropping by and commenting! :D


Vixen said...

Great mutterings. Hope you enjoy your massage!