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Monday, June 01, 2009

Personal Regimen

It's the first Monday of June...and how time flies so fast, it's now almost mid-year!

I did not even feel the weekend and now it's Monday already...and of course time for Fun Monday!

Fun Monday this week is hosted by Mommy Wizdom...and her challenge is --

What do you take care of the best?

She wants to know --What part of your body (or house if you won't do body parts) do you take care of the best? And if you're willing to answer the second question, why do you think that is?

Do you constantly get pedicures? Are you meticulous about your hair appointments? Do you shave daily? Do you sweep your sun room every day, no matter what? Are you always cleaning the kitchen? Is it because your grandmother used to say your feet would dry up if you didn't take care of them? Do you clean the kitchen for fear of bugs? Please, share!! But, please keep it PG, okay? MommyWizdom is a family blog.

In as much as I'd love to show parts of my house, I can't claim credit for's my Mom taking care of it most of the time, I'm only good for makeovers...but maintenaince is to my Mom most of the time! LOL

So I'd rather talk about myself...

Since I was in my teens I always have long nails...and I always take care of them. I always go to the salon to have my nails painted and sometimes I do it myself. I also make sure there are times I have them in nude.

So here is my nails below...long but no polish!

And I also moisturize! I rarely and try to avoid washing my hands when they Mom told me they'll cause the nerves to swell and look like varicose veins. So when I am on the computer I just use an alcogel and lotion washing of hands not until I've rested them for at least 30 minutes or an hour.

And I have my way of taking care of my nails and I've made a post about it in my other site. ;)

Next is my legs! LOL I hope the photo is not offensive...and is still PG. ;)

I don't know with some of you but I favor shaving my legs over waxing reason is I want them smooth always. If I wax them, it means there will be days I have to let the hair grow and I can't wear skirt or anything showing my legs...not that I love to show my legs but I just don't like the thought of limiting my clothes option due to that!

So I shave my legs every other day, every time I shower. And just like my hand...I always moisturize! My toes also get as much attention as my hand...just don't have any photos right. I believe that a person's toes and toe nails speak so much about the I always make sure they're clean even without polish!

Of course there are other teeth, gums...mouth in general...and my hair! I have long hair and I have to put conditioner on it everyday. Every weekend I also make it a point I get hot oil...but I don't do it in the salon. Mom takes care of that...we always use coco milk! ;)

I'm sure other participants has interesting takes on this theme, so if you could hop to Mommy Wizdom's site to check who else are playing...

Wish you all a great Monday and may the month of June be productive and promising for all of us!


MommyWizdom said...

I like long nails without polish. I think that's way more luxurious looking!

Anyway, great take on the theme and thanks for playing along.

You have a good week too!


Sayre said...

Your hands are beautiful!!! I wish mine were - they're rather short and thick. Perfectly serviceable, but definitely not beautiful.

I feel rather bohemian and uncivilized next to you... I rarely shave my legs, shorts or no shorts. My hair is blonde and invisible for long periods of time. I shave when I notice my knees are growing beards.

ChrisB said...

I so envy you your beautiful nails. It's the one thing I have longed for all my life but never achieved.

Rayne said...

I used to never bother with my toes. I would moisturize my feet but that was the extent of the attention I would pay to them. One day I decided to polish my toe nails just for fun and couldn't believe how many people commented on them. I had no idea that people noticed my feet. Now I am paranoid about leaving my toes naked or uncared for and always take care of them, now.

Anonymous said...

You would probably then think I'm a slob or something, as my feet look like extraterrestrial villains in a Steven Spielberg film. After I shower, I moisteurize nothing. Feels better that way, especially in the summer, when I'll end up sweating two seconds after stepping outside.

Maude Lynn said...

I would KILL for your nails!

Ari_1965 said...

I'm with you on the toenails. Dirty toenails or long yellow toenails just gross me out.