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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Food for Life?!

Is it still Monday? I'm glad to most yes! Because I am sooo running late with my FUN Monday!

Fun Monday host for this week is M at M for Misanthrope and she wants to talk about FOOD!

If you could choose one “main course” item and one dessert item that would, just for you, contain zero calories for the rest of your life (or zero cholesterol, zero points, or whatever your most important dietary measure is)…what would you choose? Post a pic of your chosen items if you like, or just make us drool with a description!

Hmmm....remember my Fun Monday post on What's In My Plate? I featured there my favorite meal and as I said I can live with it everyday of my life...LOL

And I'm referring to sushi and sashimi!

And most especially California Maki...

And did somebody just mentioned dessert?!

Well my latest obssession at Dessert Factory, PiƱacolada Cake!

I love fruits and it has plenty of it...and for the first time, this made me crave for a cake when I used not to care much for it...

Yes folks, these are the food I can live with everyday...

Hope everyone is having a great week!!!

Please visit M to see what others are cooking...I mean eating. :)


Sandy said...

My gosh, that cake looks tremendous. Thanks.

Faye said...

We have this excellent fresh market that makes sushi on the premises. I must try it. Can't believe that in all my years I haven't. The freshness and beauty of the way the food is arranged is so artistic and so unlike what I would normally have.

BTW, such good news about your travel plans for August. Half the fun of traveling is in the planning. I hope you all get to experience so many unusual things.

Jen said...

I have a feeling we have similar tastes in food, Mariposa!