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Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Thoughts...

I'm a NaBloPoMo dropped out!

The past weekend was just amazingly busy that I've been tagged away from here.

I missed PhotoHunt and that is sad...

I missed Unconscious Mutterings, what a shame...


I was able to do the following;


Made some Ligua De Gato.(I hope to post about it for What's Cooking Wednesday)

Read. (I'm referring to online reads.)

I've been sitting in the dining table with my laptop since morning...and now it's 4pm and I have to get ready for my final turnover at work! What a joy! (But early this morning I've been fuming about it and I sure will find time to make a post on that tomorrow.) far today I have not made a single post yet. I've been surfing and reading and I've learned a lot. Okay, I was on my other blog and was doing some techie stuff there. It's a professional blog which I hope to make as my venue for interaction with people coming from the same industry with me.

I have successfully got a domain for it which I think is awesome and now I'm just looking at getting a good web hosting company for it. Good for me yet reliable. Yes I am looking for a reasonably priced web host...and the best to check I figured is to check feedback from its customers. Then I got to this
web hosting awards which rates different providers according to categories such as best budget hosting, best blog hosting, best multiple domain hosting. This site also offers a good list of choices ranking them according to feedback, features offered and price.

Initially I am only looking at getting a hosting for my professional blog but the multiple domain hosting seems very tempting to have! I might as well get that and have all my other sites hosted there, right?

My only apprehension for now is this site has suffered in terms of PageRank since I switched to my new domain and I'm not sure if another abrupt change will do me any good. Not that it will kill me...just that I take pride of this this has been with me for many years now and I don't want to lose it and my readers. :)

I know several bloggers who had made this move already but I still have to hear from them on how they successfully switched to a new hosting. If you are one, please feel free to leave your comment here and it will really be highly appreciated. If you are with me...still a bit clueless on what to might as well join me in my readings on this topic and hopefully we can learn and exchange notes.


Anonymous said...

I went to NaBloPoMo and signed up and left after about 3 weeks. I couldn't figure out what the purpose of it was and it was just more work ... So I left Can't help you with the hosting and that. I like who hosts mine and I don't care about page ranking, ads or anything like that. Makes no never mind to me so I really have no opinion of it. My blog is just to have fun and I don't care if it stays in the cellar or not. what

Momisodes said...

I am thinking of switching hosts. I currently use BlueHost, and I have not been happy with their service.

Can't wait to hear more about your new endeavor!

storyteller said...

After doing Blog 365 last year, I decided that one month of NaBloPoMo is enough ... so I only participate in November ;--)
Hugs and blessings,