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Friday, June 19, 2009

Local Love Friday: Dessert Factory

Jen of A2eastwrite is hosting a very nice Friday activity called Local Love Friday please visit her to know more...

For this week's Local Love Friday I'm be featuring...

Dessert Factory is located at The Terraces Ayala Mall, Cebu Business Park.

I can still remember the time when the Lim family opened their very first outlet at the Mahogany court along Banilad Road. I was working as VP for Sales at El Cafetero then and I was providing them a coffee machine as coffee always go well with desserts. In just a few months they opened another outlet in at the Ayala Entertainment Center. For years they've maintained two outlets and only recently they've decided to just maintain one.

As their name says...they offer good desserts! They have good cheesecakes and are famous for their unbelievably moist chocolate cakes and brownies. And they also offer meals...and I have my own favorite as well as the IT Guy.

Last weekend IT Guy and I had our lunch there before we did our grocery shopping.

Here is a typical activity that waiting for our food! Ha ha ha!

It was raining and was a bit and cold so we ordered creamy mushroom soup. (We normally skip the soup when we dine out unless it's fine dining!)

IT Guy loves their fish n' chips and we both love their kinamatisang kawali! (Unfortunately we don't have photos for the fish n' chips because the last time we went there we were so hungry that we both ordered kinamatisang kawali. LOL) Well for some reason which was not plan of course, tonight we decided to dine out and IT Guy wanted fish n' chips! So we went to Dessert Factory!

Kinamatisang Kawali is just the typical lechon kawali (pan roasted pork) sauteed with tomatoes and onions. I just love how the taste of tomatoes and onions blend well with the pork.


So here is a photo of their fish n' chips!

Below are recent photos...of us! LOL Again...this is what we do while waiting for our food...every time.

My latest obssession at Dessert Factory is their PiƱacolada Cake!

Here is a closer look! YUMMY!

And another thing that is very unique to this place is their food attendants' headdress! Something like in these photos...I know what are these but I don't know what they're called. This frame is hanged in their restroom! And I have to add, I'll give Dessert Factory 4.8 rating with 5 as the highest for their restroom as I don't really give perfect score... ;)

So that's it for my Local Love Friday! If you visit Cebu you may also want to check Dessert Factory and try it yourself.

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Jen said...

I'm so sorry I'm just getting to this now. Also sorry I didn't have one this past Friday - I was just back from being away. I have a good one planned for this Friday, though. It's so much fun to see these places you love. And I sure agree about that Pina Colada cake!