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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Memory Lane...Fun At Work!

It's Tuesday once again and time for sharing those little love tales again!

My Tuesday's Tales this week is a proof that work can be oh so FUN! read that right. There was a time when going to work was something I look forward to everyday because it is just like seeing my friends like that in college!

My previous company was should I say superb in many ways...and though I was handling Operations in the most sense of the word I'd say I did not mind because I had the greatest team I could ever have so far...

Happy moments with the team which tops my memory were our activities on that fun December of 2005! It was a marathon of wonderful moments with the whole group and let me share below moments I've captured with the cam and hopefully those captured in my hear will be enough to provide me words to give justice on how wonderful those moments are.

It was on the 23rd of December 2005 when the company hosted a Christmas dinner to all staff.

It's me in the middle with my two lovely angels! My ever greatest Admin Assistant on the left whom I dearly call Sherl and my ever charming staff on my right...we call her Bootylicious! LOL

Do we look like we're full already?!

This was the entire staff after dinner...not sure if this was after the exchange of gifts of before. But I can't see no gifts in the photo so I guess this was before.

After dinner and our traditional exchange of gifts we went bar hopping! Yup...with the rest of the team...

Here we are at Ratsky...still full and sober!

Are you able to spot me?!

There...the tipsy and wasted Mariposa enjoying the night with the other girls!

This is Management In Black! On the left is our super cool boss, in the middle is our IT expert (I'm telling you this guy can make anything works! And I can vouch my life for that!) and of course your highness Mariposa... ;)

And there the King and Queen of the team so they say! LOL He's the coolest boss I've worked with. I thought it was near to impossible to carry a good professional relation with a friend but for our case, we did well I guess. (I am not discounting my relationship with my current boss, as she is also very good to me, yet this is Tuesday's Tales so I can look back to good old day, right?)

Few days after the was I guess the last weekend of the year, we had some beach outing with the girls!

My photos are limited...but here goes!

There I am with my three angels!

The Tres Marias as they call us...

And me and my Bootylicious friend! Take note how I abuse my skin! I was wearing sunscreen then...yet I was also trying to get that tan to last me a year. LOL Oh boy, I always love it when I am dark.

I hope I did not bore you with my photos...just can't help it!

Care to share any happy moments at work? Or just about anything? Join Tuesday's Tales!

For more information about Tuesday's Tales, you may click Tuesday's Tales link or Tuesday's Tale button.


Dawn Drover said...

Great meme!

Anonymous said...

Very much enjoyed the post. It sounds like it was a fun time and you with the other angels. Loved it. This is a great meme. Mine will be up at 12:01 HST tomorrow. Happy Tuesday Tales :)

Amanda Guthrie said...

You're very lucky to work with such great people!

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Awesome!! I think YOU'RE "bootylicous"!!

Jen said...

It's nice to look back on happy times. Lovely photographs, too!

Unknown said...

Found here via Amanda.
Love the idea and loved both of your posts.
It made me remember (in both cases) some good old times in some work places.

Love your shots. They show how much fun can be had!

Unknown said...

P.S.: Will play along next week. Maybe a Mr. Linky would be cool for your meme and a "not so blinky button"? ;)

Mariposa said...

Hi Nicole!

I'm excited to read your post! And thanks for the feedback...I'll put up Mr. Linky next week and will have more button options. ;)