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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Joy and Pain of Switching Domains

Some of you may have noticed that I have switched to my own domain -

I have been meaning to do that and wished I did it earlier. Anyway, I wanted to get myself my won domain and I got it and I am happy with it.

However, with the joy of having my own domain comes the pain. My PageRank has suffered over the past weeks. To be honest it is not something I am so particular with, but sometimes it kind of feel good seeing you up there, okay?! :)
So what happened to my PageRank?

Well as most bloggers or site admin go through, once you change to a new domain you lost links. You many be able to point your old site to your new site so as not to lose traffic (Like what I did so successfully, thanks to this amazing tips on how to switch to a new domain!) yet, there are just some bloggers/people online who linked to you through old domain.

For my case most of my friends here are linked to my old link and now I am on Though they get to my new site every time they click my old domain, I no longer get any authority from it as it is not linked to the new domain. Makes me think I should have gotten myself my own domain before people started linking with me. Oh well!
Anyway...I'd say nothing can take away the value of having your own domain. It's something one can take pride with. For only $10 or less...I feel I have my own identity here. LOL

I will be talking more about this come next Tech Tuesday, but for now...let me just ask you guys a favor, if you are linking with me, I'd really appreciate it if you can update the link to my new domain --

And for those who already did, THANK YOU so much!

How about you? Planning of getting your own domain? I'd say now is the time to do it. Don't worry if you have nowhere to host it, as Blogger can host it for us!

If you have related experience please feel free to share them, I'm sure those information will mean a lot to fellow bloggers. This is what Tech Tuesday is for!


Jen said...

I'm so glad you told us about this - I just updated my reader.

Anonymous said...

Okay I guess what you want us to do is subscribe to your new URL in our reader. I did that. I don't even know where to find page rank LOL and I guess it doesn't matter to me :)