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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sleeping Tips Everyone...

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I started this week with a Fun Monday post on what I think I'd look when I am 80. The topic got me on a health and wellness mood. The entire last week has been horrific for me as far as sleep is concern and I'm happy to announce that I've solved that since weekend.

I've been working on a night shift for years now, make that 3 years this 19th of June and I'd say life can be difficult. More than anything there is always that challenge in getting sleep in the daytime.

A favorite fun read of mine Scrubs just featured 8 Sleeping Tips for Evening Nurses...though I am no nurse, I feel it can be of help to them it can sure be of help to anyone in a night shift. So far it has been helping me and today I got that good day sleep! LOL

Below are just some of the tips which I find helpful --

- I tried to get my meal as soon as my shift ends or as soon as I get home.
- I tried to wind down as soon as I can. For my case I do it at least 30 minutes from my meal which is very light. I usually turn down music and light just to get myself into the sleeping mood.
- I go to bed as soon as I feel a little wound up. I resolved to practice setting a bed time for myself.
- I try to schedule my sleep segment length around these 90-minute cycles to maximize my sleep effectiveness since I read that proper sleep is generally estimated to occur in 90-minute cycles that repeat throughout the normal "night's" sleep.
- I'm trying to get at least six solid hours of sleep which makes it for four sleep cycles. Ideally one should get seven and a half hours (five sleep cycles) to nine hours (six sleep cycles) as these cycles are a progression from light to deep to REM sleep. So far I'm good with 6 hours! LOL
- If 6 hours is hard to achieve then one can try to schedule at least four and a half hours and wake up after that. The point is, keep one's self inside the regular sleep cycles so we feel more rested when we wake and aren't interrupting either deep sleep (which can leave us groggy) or REM sleep (which can leave us irritable and unfocused). After all IT Guy seems right on this!

So now that I'm finally getting the sleep I need I, waking up looking younger is within reach!

How do you make yourself sleep when sleepiness seems to be avoiding you?!



Guilty Mom said...

Hey Mariposa - I need some of these for my infant! Thanks for the post!

quilly said...

You probably aren't going to want to hear this, but I am one of those people who can sleep anytime, anywhere. Rarely does insomnia plague me. I have even slept standing up!

Momisodes said...

Before having my daughter, I always had trouble sleeping. Especially since my work schedule flip-flopped between day and night time. But now, I can fall asleep at anytime. I've found that going to bed around the same time every day with a routine works well for me, too :)

Anonymous said...

I'm such a horrible sleeper I have no answers for you. I wish I did. And it's not insomnia's just I have always felt I'm missing to much by sleeping...LOL