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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Light Fixtures

Let's talk about light fixtures as I always have this inkling to fix light fixtures! Ha!

Are you like me who is obssessed with
ceiling light features?! Yes I am. So apart from shopping for shoes and bags...I also window shop alot of times for light fixtures. For whatever reason I just feel like when I repaint a part of the house goes with it is the light fixtures. Unfortunately here is hard to find everything you want in one place...add to that fact the canvassing of prices.

I found another cool "shopping portal"...yes, another one and they offer a wide variety of
light fixtures from different suppliers. The best part is that it lets you search according to type...supplier and price.

So without further ado I did my search on ceiling light fixtures and behold I found several nice chandeliers. Okay I just can't change that every so often but what I find exciting is that I saw some which I can use at the porch...and in my room. Very cool!

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