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Friday, June 12, 2009

Cebu's Larsian

I am so excited for Friday to come...and that is because Jen of A2eastwrite is hosting a very nice Friday activity called Local Love Friday!

And she is doing it all for good reasons, and let me quote her --

a. I think if we lose our creative diversity and each location looks the same due to corporate globalization, then we will have a very sad, same world.

b. I live in Michigan. We have a GREAT state with a lot to offer. I want to share that with everyone non-Michigan.

c. I want to share all our great products with Michiganders. I want all of us living here to patronize our local Michigan businesses. I want us to help each other pull out of this economic hole we've been in. I want us to realize that there is life beyond automobiles.

So wherever you are, feel free to share! :)

It's timely that today is our Independence Day and what a nice way to celebrate one's independence by promoting something local!

When I first thought of joining there was only one place in my mind that is soooo Cebu and no other than Cebu Larsian!

Located at the heart of uptown Cebu near Fuente OsmeƱa, Larsian has become synonymous to Cebu Barbecue! And they say, you haven't been to Cebu if you haven't been to Larsian...

Larsian used to be a long strip of barbecue vendor...something which Cebu is famous for among many things. Now the venue has been improved and it is now more comparable to a food arcade. What is more fascinating about this place is that this is a consortium of local vendors and these vendors are not big time entrepreneurs. I even doubt if they can be categorize under Small to Medium Enterprise. Yet this group has survive and has made its way up to today. They live the very essence of an entrepreneur...I call them EntrePinoy (Pinoy a term used to refer Filipinos).

Here is a glimpse of Larsian today! This is what I mean when I said it looks like a food arcade...for the lack of words. LOL

And yes the place only opens at night...around 6PM 'til 2-3AM.

I got to know the place the first time when I was 16 when my friends from the Youth Council invited to come. That was the start of my fascination with barbecues!

And if you ask what exactly they serve --

Well they serve pork and chicken barbecues, Chorizo (a pork sausage), Chicken liver and gizzard (ha ha ha), chicken feet (though not in the photo), chicken intestines (the locals call it isaw), chicken skin, and hotdogs!

This is how they grill it...charcoal grill it is!

And here is a ready meal!

So you wonder what is that diamond shape thing?!

Here is a closer look!

The locals call it puso...or hanging rice. Inside it is rice...and what serves as its container is made of weaved coconut leaves. They put the rice grain inside before they lock it and then cook it! We slice it in the middle and split them up to get the rice inside. Ah, when they are displayed they are hanged and they look like small hearts which in local dialect is puso.

Another things about this place is that food here is cheap. They also serve soda and bottled water in case you wonder! ;)

So that's my little tour for you...hope you enjoyed the glimpse. And hope I did not disappoint Jen and you guys! I can understand if you are still not over with the intestines...the chicken feet/legs and gizzards. I can so relate...LOL


Anonymous said...

I can smell the food cooking just from the pictures, yummy!

Jen said...

Thank you so much, Mariposa! What a lovely addition to Local Love Fridays. The details and pictures were wonderful, and this is something I certainly wouldn't have known about otherwise, and now I'm literally hungry to come to Cebu - intestines or not! See, this is just what I want to get going with Local Love Fridays - love for our own localities and those from all over the world. Brava!

Jen said...

Also, I'll be back later for your other Friday posts - I have to run to an appt. now. ;-(

RA said...

I've got to remember about Larsian, if I ever make it to Cebu :)! I think "puso" resembles the Indonesian "ketupat". THank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Great post and that food lookis so good. Thanks for sharing such good information. Have a great time today :)