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Monday, May 11, 2009

I Garden

...therefore I am.

Another beautiful Monday...another day...another week...another chance to better things!

I missed Fun Monday last week...the past days were rather manic as I have to attend to some urgent matters. I'm so grateful I made it here today!

Faye of Summit Musings is our lovely Fun Monday host this week...and her awesome, "Your Thoughts on Gardening".

I so love her topic! I am a lover of gardens! As I have said several times here, put me in a garden with some book or my laptop and I'm good. ;) I can't imagine my house without anything greens...I mean, real plants! I keep telling the IT Guy...I don't care much for a big house...I just need a nice garden.

My garden as I mentioned the past week is still a work in progress. Yet I am more than happy to show you parts of it! Below is an amateur collage I did last minute for this post...

The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses.
~Hanna Rion

I love flowers...and one of my Mom's favorite is the first photo on the left side...I forgot to ask her what it's called! Anyone knows? :D

Then I also have some bonsais. I used to climb mountains and every time I see a nice tree I try to bonsai it. I just don't have the time for it now...but still happy to have bonsai plants to accompany me in my solitude! The bonsai in the collage is a rubber tree.

The next two photos shows our very young vegetable garden. On the left side is a bitter melon or bitter gourd and we call it here as ampalaya...and the other photo shows the lemon grass...sweet yams (behind the lemon grass) and the vines in the wall, they are Malabar spinach...the locals here call it alugbati!

The last set of photos well, that is a tree from the Cypress family...and the other photos is just to show how I want everything to be green! LOL

I want my ground to be green than I really invested on Bermuda grass for the lawn and we started planting them late quarter of last year!

The veggie garden by the way is courtesy of my Dad...he seems to grow everything! Or make that I am from a family of green thumbs! WOOT!

My love for nature in generally is something I got from my family...from parents...and grand parents. I started appreciating gardening or planting in general early as I always spend my summer vacation at my grand parents farm. The farm supplies vegetables.

The garden at home gives us some quick fix on things too. Like for instance when I need to send some people flowers, my garden has enough I just buy the flowers. (I still have to grow roses...) We also get our vegetables from the garden...well the ones available.


Pam's comment reminds me of something I've been meaning to ask if people with garden also get to have problems with fire ants. When we were just starting planting the bermuda grass that was a major issue! Not to mention the fact that my skin reacts to fire ants bites would always do damage to my skin...leaving dark spots...on top of the pain and itchiness!

Later on we learned to control it through different methods of fire ant baits and trying some fire ants killer. I will not say for now that we have totally eradicated them...but I am happy to say that we have them under control. :)

And I found this site which gives tips on how on treating fire ants bites...I personally find them useful as I did not know then what to I was just worried about the scar or blemishes it will leave.

So those are my gardening thoughts...and I am so excited what others have to let hop to Summit Musings to check what other Fun Monday participants has!

Wish you all a great week!


I have updated the site I created last year for Fun Monday. I intend to update it regularly from now on to help people check the host and topic each week. I will also be updating it's blog roll for participants...


Peter said...

I often envy people like you who get so much pleasure from gardening, all I get usually is a back ache.

Anonymous said...

That top left plant is called "red flower"!!!!

looks good to me.

Nancie said...

I love flowers and plants too. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Hope you have a great week ahead!

broca's area said...

my father loves gardening!!...:)

Jill said...

oh a good book outside in the sun is so awesome!

Jan said...

Great collection you've shown us. Happy Monday to you.

Pamela said...

I will guess purple leafed shamrock (guessing, really)

I like green, too. It's a constant battle to keep our grass from being infested with other not so desired species. Well, my husband does the battle. (Bermuda grass doesn't stay green here - and we fight to keep it from invading from the neighbors yard)

I smiled when you said "work in progress" ..because it will ALWAYS be a work in progress. That is the nature of enjoying one's garden.

Janis said...

Oh my gosh, you mentioned fire ants. When we lived in Fl, it was a constant battle with them. I have been bitten a few times and I know the pain. Glad you have them under control. Thanks for sharing and happy FM

sbwrites said...

Great shots of your garden. And how wonderful that you learned how to garden from your family! That was probably a wonderful thing to do when you were growing up. So many people in my gardening class gardened with their parents when they were children.


Living Life said...

Everything is so lush and green! Very pretty!

Periwinkle said...

Beautiful pictures of your flowers thanks for sharing, just posted some pictures also