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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On Careers...

This post has been prompted by two things --

* My conversation with the IT Guy this morning on his want to formally study ethical hacking.

* A past conversation with a friend on how he think the phrase ethical hacking as an oxymoron.

In my line of profession, IT Security role is very important and is a high priority. So yes, there is such a thing called ethical hacking...

With the onset of information technology, information security plays a vital role for one's survival I'd say. So we have people in the industry as certified professional security. These are high paying jobs...simply because their knowledge and skills are rare...thus valuable.

In my lifetime I've only met 2 certified ethical hacker...only two because of the word certified! Though most people working in the information technology are capable of doing 'ethical hacking'. Most companies also would opt for people with certification...the in thing today!

So one may ask what is ethical hacking?! Ha! How can hacking be ethical?

Well...ethical hacking among many things is about security. Remember my old PhotoHunt post on protection when I said the only way to be safe is not to feel secure? Well, that is one of the many thrust of ethical hacking...they check systems through test penetration for one.

So...IT Guy wants to be a Certified Ethical Hacker. He wants to be a Certified Professional Security. He also told me (which I already know of course!) how this profession has been in demand in the business as data security and IT Security in general becoming valuable to companies.

What about you? Does your job also requires you to to training and schooling every now and then? I believe whatever we do we have to constantly upgrade ourselves...not only to stay within competition but also for personal growth.

So IT Guy if you happen to lurk here...go ahead! ;) But you may want to visit EC-Council first...I'm sure you'll find lots of interesting courses there!

1 comment:

IT Guy said...

Thanks for links. I've already read some of the articles. Yeah, this is one direction I seriously would want to take... :-)