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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday Inspirations

My Monday is quite late than the usual please excuse me as I was really having a Manic Monday!

this week wanted us to post Fun Monday Artwork and her lovely mandate was...

Take your camera to work and take pictures of the things that inspire you as you work or that inspires your coworkers. Ask them (or yourself) what it is about that particular object or picture that makes the work day seem a little easier.

If you don't work outside the home, take a picture of the thing that helps you get through the day and inspires you to have the best day you can.

I am not sure if I can post several from the workplace, but here goes one I got in our conference room;

We have those signage and this particular one is on Team Work.

This is the only one I've got though we have several around the center and it helps to be reminded of what the company's values are, especially when the department in-charge of putting them up forgets to practice...ahem!

Below is not an artwork at the workplace...but a road signage, yet I always love this one since IT Guy showed this to me. It should make every traveler smile and drive safely knowing their loved ones are waiting for them back home!

I hope you all excuse my hurried and last minute post...and please check Sayre for more wonderful artworks!

And of course, Mondays will never be complete without music...and so here is my take for Music Monday, Something In Your Eyes by Dusty Springfield. This song was written by Richard Carpenter after Karen died. I really love this song...

There was a certain face
That filled a thousand nights
With all the sweetest dreams and promises
Of paradise
But that face was gone
When the dawn would come and steal you
Yet I still could feel you
Waiting just a kiss away

I'd surely know your face
When love would cast its spell
I'd recognize each curve and line of you
I knew it well
Now at last you're here and I can tell

(*) Something in your eyes it seems
Is all I've ever wanted
(And) Something in your smile for me
Is calling out my name
Your eyes, it seems,
Are mirrors of my dreams
In ways I can't explain
And my heart will never be the same

We never said a word
As if we'd always known
That through the bittersweet of waiting
We were not alone
Now we're close enough
For the touch of love to find us
Fantasies designed us
But they never really could
Begin to measure you
No pictures ever do
And as I watch you framed in sunlight
And a sky of blue
I know what my life's been leading to

This song always make me cry...for some good reason of course!

Wish you all a great week ahead!


Sandcastle Momma said...

What a great sign! And it does inspire a safe journey.

ChrisB said...

Yes I love the sign it's something we should all think about to inspire safe driving.

margaret (the misanthrope) said...

Great post, Mariposa, thank you! Haha, I know what you mean about the company's values and how not everyone practices what they preach. And the roadsign sign is lovely. Thanks for sharing!

Janis said...

Love the sign, what a reminder to drive safe. Love your music selection.