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Friday, July 13, 2007


I've got headache. Not just a headache but a fucking migraine. The kind you wake up with. The kind that makes you wince.

Stupid migraines....and when I get this it only mean one thing, my hormones are RAGING.

I feel such a lunatic, no wonder!

And this is on top of my CFIDS. To make matter worst, somebody with all this insensitivity, still has nothing in his head but to argue with me that I have pneumonia and that is after I tell him million times that I don't have one and it is CFIDS that I am having.

So that means my vacation plan is changed because I can't fucking stand spending my vacation time (something I have to fight like hell in the office) which is supposedly for relaxing and getting better with somebody more neurotic than I am.

So I am not sure not if I am going to LA...but I'm sure I'm going to see Red and do TaiChi with him...and hopefully, it can help me with my CFIDS.

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