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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I am a woman who….

~takes it all on.
~loves to buy different shades of lipsticks every week.
~does the grocery shopping.
~loves orange juice early in the morning.
~has driven over the limit.
~will never do so again.
~was betrayed by a good friend.
~forgave that friend.
~can work faster and more efficiently than her coworkers.
~has been used.
~has been a user.
~once gave her best friend a bloody nose.
~dreams to music every night.
~sometimes feels trapped in a role.
~loves being in relationship (will be married soon!)
~misses being single sometimes.
~always makes people feel welcome.
~loves to drink tequila.
~has disappointed loved ones.
~will be a true friend.
~has no interest in drugs
~has a short fuse.
~has treated friends badly in the past.
~works at a job that she never would have imagined. And feels a little more deadened by it with the more time that goes by.
~gets annoyed easily in the morning.
~gets stressed easily (although I never used to).
~easily forgives and forgets.
~takes care of all the details.

I am all of these things. But these things are not all of me.

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