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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I Love Misery...

I love my misery... that's my problem?!

I've alluded to this subject a few times over the short life of my Blog.I truly believe that misery is more comforting than happiness for a lot of people.

About a year ago, I read a book called "Demandez et Vous Recevrez" by Pierre Morency. It's in French because he's French Canadian... the book has been translated and is titled "Ask and You Shall Receive". A very brief resumé of the book:

You want something?Ask for it and you'll get it.Working hard, earning, deserving, waiting for, longing, wishing... all crap.Focus on what you want, make a clear demand for it, and it will come true.We get the life we ask for. If we are fed up with it, it's up to us to make the change. (The author/speaker even said "You like the misery your life is in... it's comfortable. Change is uncomfortable." Talk about freaking me out with those words, especially after yesterday's post!)

Very simple.The author is a physicist. All of this is based on E=MC2... the mere thought of something sends out millions of electrical brainwaves (E) that will materialize (M). The stronger the thought, the quicker the "thing" will materialize.

Far fetched, I know. But consider this.

You think of someone or intend to call them.The phone rings. It's that person. Your brain waves made it happen. What sabbatoges this most often is our doubt and worry.If we start to worry how we'll pay for, what will happen if, what will they thing... etc...those waves negate the positive waves and nothing happens.

The key is to picture what you want. Have the most precise idea of what it is and know that it will come true. Do not let negativity, fear or uncertainty creep in. Concentrate, repeat over and over... believe and it will happen.

Try something simple first. Tell me if it works.

For me, it's already worked numerous times, but my self-doubt and fears have held me back from the really big things I want. My revolution for 2006 is to listen to myself and make things happen.

Let's go... all together now... don't analyze, don't question, don't fear.
Take the leap of faith. I'm gonna.

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