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Friday, August 18, 2006

Control Issues

To be or not to be...That is the question.
In control, that is.

I like to be in control.I'm a bit of a control freak, if truth be told.
But I have a fantasy that centers around NOT being in control...

I recently watched the movie "Closer". There is a very powerful scene in the beginning of the movie, where Dan (played by Jude Law) is being photographed by Anna (Julia Roberts). She's a very "together" woman on the outside. She controls the photography session, telling him which way to pose, giving directions...

Then the roles reverse, and he, standing, simply commands "Come here." You can see her weigh the possibilities and consequences in her mind before taking a few defiant steps closer to him. He walks the rest of the way and they kiss.

Very simple. Very direct. Very powerful. He had the upper hand for a few brief moments. She let herself be controlled, gave in to letting someone else take over... decides.

Do you allow yourself a moment of abandon (or taking control) with your significant other or do you reserve that for your fantasies?


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