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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Que Sera

I have succeeded in overloading my brain with information this month. There have been moments when I feel like one of those cartoon characters whose eyes pop and spin in their heads.

They say knowledge is power. Sometimes I just feel like knowledge has a way of making me realize how clueless I actually am .... if that makes sense.

Which it probably doesn't.

You ever been in one of those situations where events could not occur quickly enough for you but at the same time you really drag your heels in regards to any proactive behaviour?

That's me!

Sometimes I fear knowing what there is to know.

Can I handle the truth? The knowledge?

Or will it make me crumple and change into someone unrecognizable?

What if knowledge means that I have to face failure and disappointment in myself?

Would I rather not just be clueless?

It's tempting .... but I am moving on anyway.

Que sera. Come what may.

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