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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The King of the World!

The IT Guy took this photo in one our trips back to Bacolod City. We usually travel by land and we found this on at Don Salvador the mountains! 

Today is an exciting day for Mariposa...I may be missing sleep but I am so up and too excited. I woke up with a text message which goes..."I have made up my mind, I am coming there to join you." This comes from a guy I have been courting to come here to head the IT Department. So this is good news and should eliminates some of my worries...and the IT Guy shares my excitement on this one too.

Anyway I've got to run now...have a meeting in 20 minutes and haven't taken a shower yet. I wish you all a super exciting Wordless Wednesday!


kt moxie said...

I feel like I can hear the Lion King music!

Anonymous said...

wow, what a courageous looking lion!

Anonymous said...

That's interesting. I thought that the Lions Club was primarily a U.S. and British thing.