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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Wanna Bet?!

First of all, let me greet you all a Happy Easter!

My vacation to my home Cebu was fantastic. The long weekend was too short though. My week is pretty hectic and this will be my life until we open the first floor of the call center. The busyness of course shouldn't prevent me from getting a life, though lately, it's been my online life. Ha!

Speaking of online life, anyone of you fond of betting? And I mean sport betting. As most of you know, I play online games a lot and lately I got into this sport betting thingy! It's really a fun way to learn more about your sport and your sport icon. Of course to be at the top of this game is not that easy, yet it is not that difficult! Last night while trying to make myself sleep I checked several sport betting sites and got into one which offers a good list to choose from with corresponding reviews. Now I want to try each of the sites in the list and see how much fun I can get! Woot! Now I have found myself another fun stuff to do without going out. See, I always find my way of getting my life.

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Anonymous said...

hehe sounds expensive to me!

You can always hit me up when ur bored!