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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Going for Glass

One more day to go and I'll be in Cebu for the holy week. While I am excited about going home my mind is simply fixed at the new house here in Bacolod. As I've mentioned before, I am renting a 2 bedrooom house here and while I love it, there are still of of things to do for this house to suit me. 

Finally I was able to finalize with the owner that I want it repainted (both exterior and interior), I want the screen of all windows done and redone (for the bedroom) and finally I want another bathroom sink! 

I want to talk more about sink because I got a new one for Cebu and I am happy with it, but just recently I found this really cool glass sinks which I'd really love to have. So I am thinking of getting one for the new house. Yes, a glass sink for the new house' bathroom!I love the look of it, plus the fact that I believe it is easier to maintain than steel and porcelain. I have to be honest though, I fell in love with it because of its aesthetic appeal more than anything. Now, I guess I have to extend this to center. I'm going to discuss with the building contractor if we could have them. Regardless how our talk will go, one thing I am sure, I am going to have them in my new house and in my new office. Haha!

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Well I'd break that for sure!