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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hobby Farming

While I am trying to calm the storm in my schedule, I am slowly making my list of things to do once I'm over my busyness. As most of you know, I am always forward looking. Ha!

If there is one thing that this place has that I can't find in Cebu, it's space. And I mean it literally. Here are vast of land...plain land for that matter. In fact as I have mentioned in one of my recent post, the house I got has a good space for garden. Well, as I stare at it every morning with my coffee I see that it can be more than that. I think it can accomodate the new hobby which I have been contemplating for months now - hobby farming.

I am a lover of veggies and that makes me miss Cebu. For whatever reason it's a bit hard to find fresh vegetables here and the way they are priced are just ridiculous. In Cebu we were able to grow some veggies in our garden and so I thought I might do it here. So for the past days I have been reading about farming.

I can't wait to have something like this in my garden!

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