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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Photo Tales

It's Tuesday, and well I have something for you all for Tuesday's Tales!

I've been spending time at home for a week now trying to rest and get better and while I am enjoying it so much at some point I get bored and end up spending more time in the net. While surfing around, guess what I found? Mariposa stumble upon a very cute fun photo maker. To say I enjoy it is such an under estimation! I LOVE it and I'm going crazy trying every photos I have with the different picture effects they have.

Just take a look at what I've got with my photo with my cousin.

Funny Pictures

I couldn't wait sending this to her as I'm sure she will LOVE it and she will LOVE me for it! Ha! Isn't it cool?!

And well knowing the level of energy I have, I did not stop there yet. I did try some of their fun photo editor further and look what I made!

Funny Pictures

I hope the IT Guy gets like it. He is not well and I hope this would at least cheer him up today. And why not, it's too cute not to make him smile, right?

I just LOVE this new discovery and you will LOVE it more because they just don't run out of photo effects simply because they do it add new sets of photo effects everyday! Yes, everyday means new cool fun photo effects. Just COOL!

And finally this one caught my eye. I am so wanting to print this and hopefully the IT Guy will let me this one at his work desk. After all February is just a very short month so maybe displaying this will not be too much! LOL

Funny Pictures

And that's it for my photo tales today. Go try it yourself! ;)

1 comment:

EJ said...

gorgeous pics, yup I love playing with my photos from that website too.