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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

My To Do List Today!

I just spoke with a friend the other day and glad to know she is willing to help me with my website needs. I have decided to put up a site for my other business. I am not linking to it for now because so far, the only thing I have done with it is have the domain name registered.

I have already come up with the content and somebody is working on the logo right now. I am thinking I might need to add some colors to the original black and white logo that is why I am getting an artist to work on it. Hopefully he can also take care of the website design and layout. So that left me with just one item in my checklist for now, and that is shopping for a good webhosting company. I need a good one but at the same time reasonably priced at that. I am also trying to check if I can find some good deals like something that would let me host several sites in case I have more needs in the future. After all i don't anticipate much traffic in those sites, it's just for promotional campaign.

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