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Monday, February 01, 2010

And The Award Goes to...

Happy Monday everybody!

This week's Fun Monday is all about AWARDS! As we are ask -- think about the movies that you OWN. Not movies you've seen, but the ones you felt strongly enough to go out and buy. You will be your very own awards committee, awarding your movies an Oscar in the following categories:

BEST PICTURE, BEST ACTOR, BEST ACTRESS, BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR, BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS, BEST ANIMATED PICTURE, BEST SCORE and BEST GROUP (Some movies come out with several parts or sequels. Most everyone's got at least one set of something on their shelves - why that one?)

You can include your nominations if you wish, but I'd also like to know why you think your winner in each category deserves to win.

And this week's host is no other than the award winning herself, the lovely, SAYRE at Sayre Smiles.

This whole thing made me think and I have to think really hard as I have my own favorites, and I have lots of favorites!

Nominees for best actor in a leading role are --
* Tom Hanks for Forrest Gump 
* Al Pacino for Scent of A Woman
* Roberto Benigni for Life Is Beautiful
* Anothony Hopkins for The Silence of the Lambs,

Best Actor in a Leading Role goes to --

Al Pacino for Scent of a Woman

In as much as I love Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump, I just can't get over with this scene from the movie Scent of a Woman. I will forever love Al Pacino for this one!

Nominees for best actor in a supporting role are --

* Heath Ledger - The Dark Knight
* Al Pacino - The Godfather
* Jack Nicholson - A Few Good Men

Best Actor in a Supporting Role goes to --

 Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight 

He certainly did a good job for the role and best deserves this award. I am a Batman fan but there is no harm appreciating the villain sometimes I guess. :)

Nominees for best actress in a leading role are --

* Julia Roberts - Erin Brockovich
* Juliette Binoche - Chocolat
* Diane Lane - Unfaithful 
* Meryl Streep – The Devil Wears Prada
* Vivien Leigh for Gone With the Wind

Best Actress in a Leading Role goes to --

Vivien Leigh for Gone With the Wind

Nominees for best actress in a supporting role are --

* Angelina Jolie for Girl, Interrupted as Lisa Rowe
* RenĂ©e Zellweger for Cold Mountain 
* Eileen Heckart for Butterflies Are Free
* Lauren Bacall for The Mirror Has Two Faces
* Sally Field for Steel Magnolias

Best Actress in a Supporting Role goes to --

Sally Field for Steel Magnolias

I really LOVE Angelina Jolie's role as Lisa Rowe in the movie Girl, Interrupted and in as much as I wanted to give this award to her, I just can't turn away from Sally Field's mother role at Steel Magnolias. Her role in the movie reminds me of Mom and all her interactions with her daughter and all she did for her is just so like me and my Mom. So I chose her in honor of my Mom and all mothers who love their children and do so many sacrifices for them.

Best Animated Feature award goes to --

Kung Fu Panda 

Though I'm not really big on animation, I did enjoy this movie much and thanks to IT Guy for convincing me to watch it. We ended up owning a copy and we've watch this several times already!

Nominees for Best Picture are --

* The Last Emperor
* Gone With the Wind
* A Star Is Born

Best Picture award goes to --
Gone With the Wind

Okay, by now it must have been obvious already that I am a fan of Gone With the Wind. I just LOVE both the book and the movie. There are alot of other deserving this award but I think this movie deserves it best!
Nominees for Best Cinematography are --

* Memoirs of a Geisha
* The Last Emperor
* Empire of the Sun
* Titanic
* Batman Forever
* The Dark Knight

Best Cinematography award goes to --

Memoirs of a Geisha

I am bias for this movie as I have an insider look of the Japanese culture. Though I would say there are some goofs in the movie, I still can't help but fall in love with this movie specially its cinematography.

And for BEST MOVIE GROUP, award goes to --

I LOVE Star Wars, all of it and everything about it! It rules the house...LOL

I still have some other awards in line but gezz, I'm running out of breath already, I'd rather start my rounds and see what others have. 

I wish you all an award-winning week! 


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Gattina said...

Except for Star War, which I don't like I agree with your choices and I think I have seen all movies you mention. Sally Field is an terrific actress. I saw her once in a movie where she had multiple personalities ! What an actress !

IT Guy said...

Honey you forgot Disney Pixar's "Up!" We watched it together during the Christmas break! I know you're not so good remembering animated movies but I definitely remember you enjoyed the movie "Up!" a lot.


Mariposa said...

Arggh! What a shame! Yes, yes, I LOVE "Up".

Janis said...

Great pics...I have seen most of the ones you mentioned. I do Love Sally Fields...she stays in the lime light now in her role on Brothers n Sisters...we watched her grow up in the movies. Great actress! Thanks for sharing Mariposa and Happy FM

Sayre said...

My husband isn't much into movies, but he actually sat and watched "Steel Magnolias" once and was so impressed with Sally Field that he didn't stop talking about it for almost a week!

I love GWTW too, but I don't own it, so it was disqualified from the running in my house.

StarWars RULES!

Thanks for playing!

Living Life said...

I like all of your picks! Especially Sally Fields as Best Supporting Actress in Steel Magnolias. This was one of my favorite movies. There are simply too many to choose from!

min said...

Life is Beautiful?!!?

Loved it!

Never want to see it ever again!!

(Same with the "Boy in Striped Pajamas")

Faye said...

Hey Mariposa! Loved the way you handed out your awards. We got a good idea of your taste in films--quite wide-ranging. This is the second place I've seen recommendations for "UP". Looks like I should use it for my introduction to animated films. I agree with you on the cinematogrophy for "Memoirs of a Geisha." Beautiful.