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Sunday, January 17, 2010

To Fold or Not to Fold

Not so long ago I talked about the IT Guy himself getting a treadmill. What he got is the fixed one. It's nice...but it eats space. So, right now I'm considering getting a folding treadmill. I know most people would frown over it as in their mind, the fact that it can be folded tells you that it is not that stable and reliable. They may have a point about it many years ago. But companies do learn and they have improved on their designs that even for folding treadmills you can still get that stability you need. I personally would prefer the folded one because it can keep kept away and I save space.

So I have been checking around and saw several nice ones. I am so wanting to get one now! I am so excited with the fact that I only take them out when I am going to use them and get to keep them off sight when I don't need them. I can also set them up wherever I feel like doing my exercise. I can have it at the porch in fact!

I was quite surprise when my friend told me she has not idea about folding treadmill as I thought it is quite common nowadays. For those who are planning of getting one but have issues with space, you may want to try this kind. You can check it out at any Online Sports Store.

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