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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Blue Pills

Everyday I've been getting emails giving me discounts for viagra and cialis? Oh well, I know about viagra, but not with the other one. And ha, I don't need some blue pills! :P

So out of curiosity I ran some quick online queries about viagra. Just want to check whatever will come out and this is what I find. Many male celebrities take it. And some do not mind discussing them in public. Some of the most controversial personalities I came across in my search were Simon Cowell and Enrique Iglesia.

To be honest, I don't see anything wrong taking blue pills. My stand is, as long as it is safe for the person to take, go ahead! And I will never take it against that person, if ever I finds out. In fact, I told the IT Guy that should he get to the phase that he needs some "assistance" other than me, he can have that blue pills anytime. LOL

I am not so sure if anyone can just buy viagra. I believe it is still best to see a doctor though to make sure it's safe for you. I hope people becomes more open about it so that way people needing help will be feel embarrassed about it. I'd rather these issues are dealt with maturely rather than denying it for fears and eventually affecting relationships.

Okay, so that's my learning this afternoon. I still hope they stop flooding my email with viagra stuff.

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