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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Love At First Chat

...when it used to be "Love at first sight."

No doubt, internet made the way we humans interact evolved in so many amazing ways. No longer the time when friends feels the need to set up another friends for a date or vice versa. If there are now certainly a number of ways to meet new friends aside from going to that party you're not comfortable to go to anyway because we can meet somebody from anywhere in this world anytime by just sitting at home. All we need is internet!

This whole concept of socializing not only widens our horizons in meeting friends but it also changed the topography of relationships among us. We now have this thing called  online dating.

This is a quite interesting concept to talk about and it is very interesting to know what we can find out what are the impact of internet on intimate relationships. I am so thankful for organizations who reached and try to take a closer look on this. If I will just base it among friends I can certainly tell that internet and online dating replaces the need to personally interact with a person in order for them to get involved. They are still able to have relationship with them despite the distance and the physical detachment.

So have you fallen in love with a chat mate? Was it developed across time? Or was it love at first chat?!

Brought to by: Oxford Internet Institute


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