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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Alexander von Furstenberg

A friend of mine mentioned about Alexander von Furstenberg. My friend seems to keep talking about him for weeks now so I opted to write something about him here. He comes from a very well-known family. In fact both parents were icons in the fashion world. He is a designer and at the same a philanthropist.
I have quite a limited knowledge about him but all I know is that I love the stuff I got from DVF(Diane von Furstenberg). Oneo f my favorite and a recent addition to my DVF collection is a white dress. Very simple, very casual yet very elegant. I admit I rarely get to wear it but when I wear it, it's definitely a head turner. Ha!

I also love their coats and jackets and regardless of the price, and though they're a bit pricey I don't mind because they are all so worth it.

Also I appreciate the fact that Alexander von Furstenberg is funding several projects, programs and initiatives with good causes, so I don't mind buying from his lines of clothing. I feel my money goes a long way, beyond the nice and trendy outfit to the quality of the fabric to the social responsibility that his company shares.

Today for whatever reason, I did try to know him more and did some online research. So if you want to know more about this guy, I just found something about him and it may be a good start for your readings. Friends, please meet Alexander von Furstenberg!

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