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Sunday, January 03, 2010

I Conquered 2009!

I got an award from Nancy at More Than Conquerors! What a nice way to start a year. WOOT!

Yay, I did conquer 2009 with grace! At least that is how I'd like to think. ;) I'm sharing this award to everyone. Obviously we did all conquer 2009 to make it here now!

And here is my first Unconscious Mutterings for 2010!

  1. 365 :: 365 days of joy and laughter!
  2. Tombstone :: R. I. P.
  3. Dumb :: ... and Dumber!
  4. Intrusive :: This annoys me alot!
  5. Fat :: Felix the Fat, is how I tease my Dad when I was young. LOL
  6. Axe :: Deodorant
  7. Planned :: ...vacation
  8. Spike :: Spike TV
  9. Bleach :: Bleach episode
  10. Shopkeeper :: the bookstore.

 Happy Sunday!


    Hootin Anni said...

    Love, LOVE your tombstone association.

    Great award...I'm grabbing this one for my blog for the very first one this year....thanks!!!!

    HERE --scroll down below my Sunday Stealing Meme

    Anonymous said...

    Great Mutterings. I love your Fat one :) LOL

    Janis said...

    I am grabbing the award also..thanks Mariposa...see you on FM

    Vixen said...

    Hah, we matched on #3!

    Happy mutterings and Sunday to you. What a great award. Conquering with grace is a great accomplishment.

    rajm said...

    Ah, planned vacation rather than the childbirth ones - good! - I should have come up with year planner considering what I've just got around to adding to the wall!