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Monday, January 04, 2010

Finding That Dining Room Set

I'm helping a friend shop for some furniture for their new home. For whatever reason friends always go to me for home advices, duh, as if I'm that good. LOL Anyhow, I love to do home makeovers and stuff so I guess they see that. Plus the fact that it's not always that you see a very patient woman shopping around for other people.

My friend is just finished their home and well they need furniture. She seemed to be about done with her living room but need help with their dining room. Just a background, this friend rarely stay in the kitchen and doesn't like to eat much. Despite that she know that her family needs to eat so she has no choice, they need that dining room! Ha!

When I first spoke to her over the phone about it, she just told me to jest grab anything to put there. I told her if that's all she needed, she could have done it all by herself. Then she told me she trust I can do better. There you go. It's more than just filling in the room with furniture. It's way beyond that. So Mariposa had to visit the house to take a look. She wouldn't let me take a photo of it because she said it's not done yet and she'd be too embarrass to show it to the world. Pfft! Anyhow, I did my check. The area was not that big and the paint was just simple. By simple I mean no fancy colors like orange, yellow, etc. So that means any neutral colored furniture would readily fit in there. So I hurriedly check online for some dining room furniture available. Bingo! I found a site which offers several kinds. Now she has a list of options and hopefully can make up her mind asap.

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