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Friday, January 29, 2010

Hormones Are Girl's Best Friend!

Have you been under the weather? Having a bad day? Do you go ahead and blame it on the hormones? Most of us would probably blame everything on our hormones, it does not have to be! While it is true that hormones play a vital role in our lives we need be driven by it. We can be independent from it but simply understanding what are these hormones all about.

From infancy, puberty, pregnancy up to menopausal stage our hormones cycles and thus affect our body. It may not bee too apparent at childhood but no doubt even prior to puberty there is already some hormonal change going in our body and it cycles up and down as we reach puberty. In my teens I was lucky enough to have my Mom to guide me. She was very honest and candid to me in explaining the changes in my body. She then introduced me to my Ob-Gyn which I am always thankful for. At an early age I was able to reach a certain level of understanding about women's health. So it was not a shock to me to have some specific cravings days before my period for example. I am also able to watch how my weight cycles up and down. I guess women who are trying to manage their weight regardless which stage they are need to have a thorough understanding of the female hormones, specifically their own. That way they would know best how to handle themselves and would no longer blame hormones for bad hair day, skin rashes and weight gains. There are some online resources which can help women in managing their diet too such seattle hcg.

Remember hormones are not our enemy, we just have to befriend them and one way of doing that is understanding them! ;)

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