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Friday, January 29, 2010

Claiming Rights

IT Guy has been quite busy this week. The wife of this supervisor just passed away and a very good friend of his is on critical condition --both cases were caused by brain injuries. Very sad...quite awful.

I couldn't give out much details about the supervisor's wife who just passed away but I can tell what happened to his friend. When they were still in their high school IT Guy recalled his friend being pushed some bullies in their school. After that his friend has been absent from the class for days. He was reported to have been vomiting. There were some episodes of headaches after that which eventually they tossed aside. Few years after he was diagnosed with some brain complications and the main cause of which is that brain injury he incurred several years ago. This is not an isolated case at all. This happens to a lot of people who got into accident without a thorough check-up on the extent of the injuries they have incurred. Most of the times it is already too late for the victims to react and the ones who caused them damages had been freed. This is also one of the many reasons why I don't like the IT Guy in a motor bike. I am just too scared of accidents. It is an advantage to some states that has brain injury lawyer available to guide victims in making sure they are well taken cared of. In most cases here, the moment the victim is able to walk a release from further liability is done. Very sad, and quite unfair. IT Guy's friend now is shouldering all medical expenses and it is the same with other accident victims here.

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