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Saturday, January 09, 2010

A Home Makeover

Please bear with me as I am still not over with my passion to remodel the home. I would like to talk more about it today and I will be discussing some specific components at home which I am particularly looking into for improvement. As I have mentioned few back, I just did repainting the exterior of the house as well as the living room. However I am still not over with the other parts such as the kitchen and the windows!

So you may say, what's up with the windows and kitchen. Well, they need a makeover. I feel that I need that windows not only dressed up but changed. It seems to misfit there after the repainting, that's all! And plus the fact that I'm trying draw more lights inside the house and all that. For the kitchen, well, I can have the the cabinets remodeled and looks like the countertop needs replacement. And I just need a good kitchen design to help me come up with some nice concept for those.

So I am looking around for some online help and get into this Home Pro Improvement resource site. They offer free consultation for replacement window installation, and as I investigated further, they have a wide choices of energy-efficient windows. Did I just talk about me looking for those kind of windows?! Amazing! Not only that, I also got some really nice Sears kitchen design which just makes me nuts!

If you are also into home makeover, they are definitely a site to go to.

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