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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Going for Gold!

I'm still not so over with my topic about investment with my friend. Today we discussed about another type of investment which will guarantee a large yield and at the same not too prone to risk. I mean with the many environmental factors to consider, how do we mitigate risks in our investment?

So my friend was telling me so where would you invest given those considerations? I readily said, real estate here always appreciates. "Not in times of war", he added. Well, that is true. So I said, we invest in gold? I asked that half joking...but then he seems serious about it.

Investing in gold is nothing new I realized. It's just that, I guess people has to be educated about it. They have to understand how the whole deal works, what are its pros and cons and how can they leverage on it.

He gave me one nice site which you all can go to should you want to buy gold prices.Whether you are an investor or a simple collector, that site offers some nice deals. They offer all types of precious metals and rare coins which you can keep for period of time to earn or you can simply keep them handy.

To be honest this opens a new dimension for me, I am so considering into going into this kind of investment!

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Anonymous said...

I believe silver to be a better investment for the majority of people.