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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pending Items

One of my pending items with the IT Guy is to check all "virtual stuff" I currently have. Virtual stuff ha?! Well...he's been bugging me to make an inventory with all current domains I have and what I plan to do with most of them.

Let me give you a being a shopaholic gets to extend from eBay to GoDaddy and JungleWebs! Yes, I shop domains...anything I get to think of and if they're available, I get them....a sweet $10 annual more or less. I don't mind because most of them really have value to me...meaning I can do something with them.

Just that, lately I've been swamped. So my open items with the IT Guy has been long overdue. So today...I'm up so 3AM and I don't feel like jogging at all which gives me time to go back and review my web hosting options. Once again I went through the same feelings...that old awe feeling as that site offers a good list of options with corresponding reviews. It makes us easier to choose depending on our needs. You may want to visit it.

So I now have my action plan and I'm going to present it to the IT Guy later. I came up with a decision of getting several hosts depending on what I intend to do with specific sites. I'm prioritizing websites for my little business...I have been so neglecting them for the past years!

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