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Monday, October 26, 2009

Early Morning Mutterings

I'm not a bit late than usual, as I'm usually an early riser. Today is different though...I came home past midnight from my massage...I spent half of my Sunday baking cookies.

So here is my late Unconscious Mutterings entry!
  1. Redskins :: Sunburn
  2. Show :: Entertainment
  3. Smoker :: I'm NOT! LOL
  4. Bad movie :: The Cable Guy
  5. Play :: Having fun!
  6. Jaguar :: A gift I refused many years back...
  7. Click :: a sound!
  8. Production :: ...hours!
  9. Sand :: ...and pebbles
  10. Foreign :: ...accent

Hope you're all having a great Sunday! It's already the start of my week here!

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