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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Devil is in The Details

In as much as I do not want to talk about my wedding details some point I just can't help but get into the topic...which would somehow relate to my upcoming wedding. First off, I am a very transparent person and I don't mind discussing personal stuff's just that there is really to wedding details to talk about because in the first place I have not come up with anything final yet! Okay...I'm just exaggerating...I mean not with everything.

As most of you know, in any planning, the devil is always in the I will try to deal with each little devil! LOL

Let's take for examples details such as center pieces and wedding favors. Oh my, I just can't seem to make up my mind with the many new ideas and concepts around. I was surfing online when I came across with these unlimited lines of wedding favors. This site just have so much to offer that I can be on it for about a day and still will get the hang of it and would still want to read more with the many things it offers.

So I told the IT Guy that for the coming weekends, we have to spend time reviewing the different fun wedding themes the site features and hopefully we can have that one united theme for ours. Once we have that we can finally decide what stuff we need to source out...specially those items which has to be shipped here...I do not want last minute shopping of items as usually that's when the budget bloats and unplanned spending happens. I want to be financially in control. Ha!

So far, right now I'm quite amaze with the different cake decors they offer...though I cannot order cake from afar I want to at least have my cake stand out by having a unique cake topper for instance. Call me crazy but I am just that. For me the value of an event is how genuinely moving it is...and one way of achieving that is to come up with a unique sweet theme.

Any latest wedding ideas you have? Please do share...

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