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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Your Love Is Orange

When you love someone, you're willing to put it all on the line. You are bold in your romantic choices.

You find love to be exciting, and you'll take a risk on a dangerous relationship that might not work out.

You are very intelligent, and you are drawn in at first by a mental connection. Brains turn you on.

For you, seduction and dating can be a bit of a game. You always have a clear picture of what's going on and what you need to do to succeed.

What Color Is Your Love?

I grabbed this from Thom...and I so enjoyed it to a point that I am posting it because I think it is so true!


Anonymous said...

This is so you. Thanks for the shout out :)

Grey said...

I guess mine must be blue... as in 'she punched me and i turned blue' hehe !

Jen said...

I love it when these things ring true! ;-)