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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Internet and Shopping

If there is one thing I love about the Internet it is convenience. I find it very convenient to find information and other stuff.

So this morning I'm looking around for some reasonably priced items which I can use for my see holiday season is coming and I'm in my artistic mood again. What I usually do is send most of these items to my US Address and have them shipped here via balikbayan box.

Anyway...anyone of you tried as seen on tv items?

Well I'm looking into to that site and wow it carries just almost anything I need...and even those I never thought I need! Ha! But then I have never tried any of their products in the I was surfing and get into this site which offers video reviews on items from As Seen On TV. It's quite nice to see these items in action in the video.

Anyone who tried it? Are you planning of getting items but like me is still thinking about it? You may want to join watching as seen on tv product video reviews.

1 comment:

Geckophobia said...

Thanks for the link Mariposa! It help me a lot! :-)