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Monday, September 21, 2009

A Fun Week!

It's 5AM here and it's a Monday!

Today is Eid ul-Fitr and is a holiday here. Not a manic Monday for me but I have to be at the office later around 9AM for some magazine interview...anyhow it feels good to be doing FUN MONDAY again!

Sayre Smiles is our lovely hostess this week and she said -- If you had a WEEK with no obligation and money was no object, what would you do with it?

Ha! This is FUN! Let's see --

It's a I have 7 days...168 hours.

Day 1 - Will be my super lazy day. I'll be at the farm of my Grandparents watch sunrise sipping coffee...munching some toasted bread with strawberry jam! It will not end there of course as I plan to sit on my @$$ the whole day doing/thinking nothing but just listening to some nice country music. I'm going to spoil myself with lots of fruits especially watermelon. Then comes the sunset...and I'm going to enjoy the sunset sipping margarita! Then I'm going to meet silver moon...stare at it for awhile...and hopefully by then I've had enough margaritas that I'll just pass out...

Day 2 - I will be up feeling to refresh and alive...knowing I have nothing to do! I'm going to visit my farm...plow and harvest and fill it with buildings, fences, flowers, paths and other decorations. But of course, I'm talking about my Farmtown and Farmville accounts at Facebook! Day 2 will be about the Internet. I will blogs...and play!

Day 3 - I will be at one with sea. I will go island SCUBA diving and will enjoy the sun and the sands! I need lots of fresh orange juice for this...and watermelon too! In the evening I'm going to stay at the shoreline...stare at the bonfire...and will summon every person I wish to talk to 'til dusk. How cool!

Day 4 - Since there is no budget constraints...I'm going to have some shopping spree with families and friends. And since shopping can stressful too, we will have some nice time at the spa after.

Day 5 - This day will be with the IT Guy. (Just one day because I can't assume he has this super nice week with no obligation or anything...LOL) We'll go to places he wants us to whatever he the evening, I'm going to luck myself with him all night!

Day 6 - This will be my fantasy day. I'm going to take a very important role in business or government and will have an office there for a day. I will end the day with a very nice champagne dinner with VIPs.

Day 7 - I will be very busy organizing a birthday party for a very good friend. I'm going to call all his friends and will give him a surprise party! We will be singing....dancing...eating...drinking...'til we drop!

Happy birthday Sage!

I wish you all the best....CHEERS!

Please visit Sayre to see how others FUN Week going to be! Wish you all a great week ahead!


Anonymous said...


Thanks Sexy!

Anonymous said...

Well let's hope he doesn't read your blog LOL Sounds like you are going to have a great week :) Aloha

wendishness said...

Great way to spend a week, I like the way you planned it in days. I am not so organised so I think I'd desperately need a holiday after my whirlwind one.

Hootin Anni said...

Your third day sounds ideal...of course I love the sea...the warm, wonderful tropics.

Sayre said...

I like your day-by-day plan! I just sort of moshed mine all up with day one being taking care of business and the rest being somewhat freeform. For me that's a real vacation because I have to be so organized in my "real" life.

Gattina said...

Nice dreams and certainly coming true one day !

Janis said...

Sounds like a fun fantastic week. Can I come??? Thanks for sharing Mariposa and Happy FM

BS said...

Sounds like a busy week - but a fun one indeed!

Kila said...

Haha, love your plan, and how you broke it down day by day.

Faye said...

Hi Mariposa! Good to see you on the Fun Monday lineup. Hope you've had a great summer with lots of travel and relaxation mixed in with work. Such a smart girl to pace yourself on your fantasy week. It's always sad to come to day 7 and realize you have to get back to reality (work) and there's so much you intended to do. I was amused that IT Guy didn't get a fantasy week--does he know about this? :-)

ChrisB said...

You have planned your week very well, and it sounds wonderful.