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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quest To Be Fit

IT Guy is wanting to have his weight loss program. My stand on the matter is's just discipline and dedication. He says easy for me to say.

When I met the IT Guy many years, oh boy he's the one who can make a jaw dropped. When he got busy with me...he missed gym and his diet was he gained weight. Good thing he never blamed me for it. LOL

Anyway...with my new job I believe he will have more time for himself now so he can go back to the gym. I will be very busy with work and well less time for me to bother him. Gym will not solve all of it though...he needs some dietary programs I guess.

So anyone of you heard of ProtiDiet? Well protidiet is a line of weight loss supplements that are marketed toward men and women that emphasize protein and so far we've read good reviews...and I saw some protidiet cookie bars and it looks yummy...just that it's less carb and rich in protein. So perfect for his needs...I guess.

Anyway I told him to check his nutritionist to be sure...and meantime, I'd appreciate feedback from people who are familiar with this product.

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